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Hi, I’m Simon Sapin and this is my personal website. I’m a software engineer at Mozilla Research working on Servo. I also work on specs in W3C’s CSS Working Group and eat Python for breakfast, although these days I do more Rust.

You can find me as SimonSapin on GitHub, on Twitter, and on IRC (#whatwg on Freenode, #servo on Mozilla IRC, and others), or send me email.

I hack on free / open source software both in my “day time” job and on my own time. I’m the main developer of WeasyPrint, cairocffi, tinycss, cssselect, Frozen-Flask, rust-cssparser, and rust-url. Among other things, I have worked on Multicorn, CairoSVG, Flask, cssutils, lxml, Rust, servo, and Gecko.

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