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WeasyPrint at PyConFR 2012

Simon Sapin,

I was at PyConFR in Paris on September 15th and 16th. I gave a talk on WeasyPrint and CSS for print.

Update 2012-09-12: I made a PDF version of the schedule for printing, of course dogfooding WeasyPrint. There is a bit of CSS to remove irrelevant navigation links, fix some brokenness of the original page, and generally make it look nice on A4. You can regenerate the same PDF with:

weasyprint http://www.pycon.fr/2012/schedule/ PyConFR_2012_schedule.pdf \
  -s http://exyr.org/2012/weasyprint-at-pyconfr/print.css

Update 2012-09-17: I think the talk was a success although I forgot a few details. The slides are below (or fullscreen), with notes paraphrasing what I said “on stage”. The talk and slides were in French (this is PyConFR, after all) but you, dear international reader, get the English ones.