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Flask-Static is dead, long live Frozen-Flask!

Simon Sapin,

Flask-Static is nice but the name was not so great. The “Static” part sounded like it’s about static files (those that come with your app, such as images and CSS,) but it was really not. (Or not really. Maybe.)

After much debate, it was decided that Flask-Static was to be renamed Frozen-Flask. Frozen-Flask freezes your Flask app into a set of static files. Much cooler, uh?

New links:

Other candidate names were Flask-Cryogenics and Flask-OnTheRocks.

While I was at breaking API compatibility, I also changed a few objects names. For example the main class is now called Freezer. See the brand new changelog for details.

Now the only task left is to make a logo of the flask stuck in an ice cube.